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17 Shocking Photos That Show Just How Bad The Pollution Has Become In China

17 Shocking Photos That Show Just How Bad The Pollution Has Become In China

China is a beautiful country with some mesmerizing scenery, but unfortunately in some parts of the country, pollution has got so bad that it needs to be seen to be believed.

Extreme levels of smog and heavily polluted waters are a result of China’s extreme growth, both in terms of population and industrial advancements.

What we see in these images is not pretty, and unfortunately many locals have had to adapt and accept such dangerous levels of pollution just to get by and make a living.

#1 Sewage tank leaked in Shanghang, Fujian

#2 Worker cleans away hundreds of dead fish from lake in Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei province

#3 A smoggy day in Beijing

Image credit: AP Photo/Kyodo News

#4 Fake Hong Kong skyline for better tourist pics

Image credit:

#5 Child swims in polluted reservoir in Pingba

Image: Reuters

#6 Cleaning up floating garbage on the Yangtze River

Image: Reuters

#7 Boy swimming in algae-filled water in Qingdao, Shandong

Image: Reuters

#8 Journalist taking a sample of polluted water from the Jianhe River

Image: Reuters

#9 Child drinking from stream in Fuyuan County, Yunnan Province

Image: Reuters

#10 Woman collecting plastic bottles from near polluted river

Image: Reuters

#11 The Great Wall of China

#12 Fisherman on Chaohu Lake, covered in algae

#13 A heavily polluted river in Zhugao, Sichuan province


#14 Morning Smog in Beijing

Image credit: Brielle Cardieri

#15 Fishermen cleaning up oil after an oil spill at Dalian Port, Liaoning Province

Image: Reuters

#16 Heavily polluted river In Jiaxing, Zhejiang

Image: Reuters

#17 Fisherman shows us the algae in the Chaohu Lake In Hefei

Image: Reuters

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