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19 Panoramic Photos That Went Hilariously Wrong Because Of Animals

19 Panoramic Photos That Went Hilariously Wrong Because Of Animals

Sometimes when we want to capture the real beauty of a view in front of us, a simple photo is just not enough.

Whether it’s a vast mountain range, a gorgeous beach sunset, or a vibrant meadow on a sunny day, in order to capture the scene to it’s full extent a panoramic picture is often the tool for the job. This allows for a wide picture of the landscape, and all it requires is a steady hand and for the scene you are capturing to remain still.

And that’s where things get interesting – most animals are not known for staying still for too long, and if one enters your shot it can lead to some interesting results, such as two-headed dogs and six-legged cats!

As it turns out, there are loads of panoramic pictures circulating around the internet of these strange looking creatures which are guaranteed to make you chuckle and, in some cases, creep you right out!

This photo technology has brought us some of the strangest creatures that even the most imaginative fantasy or horror writer couldn’t dream up, and it all happens by total chance in a split second, thanks to our beloved photo-bombing pets.

Below are some of the funniest and weirdest photos that we have found which we are sure will entertain you.

#1 Slinky cat

Image source: _averyrodgers

#2 These conjoined twin dogs look quite comfortable

Image source: kittenconcoctions

#3 The Accordion Horse

Image source: samanthyyyy

#4 Actually, this dog looks very cute!

Image source: peyton_the_samoyed

#5 They look like an entirely new species

Image source: panoramafail

#6 Like it’s neck wasn’t long enough already!

Image source: Jacksonteague

#7 This long-legged beauty wouldn’t look out of place on a catwalk

Image source: lollime13

#8 This kitty forgot to put on his parachute before jumping

Image source: morodgerss

#9 He upgraded his tail for three tails, and he looks awesome!

Image source: panoramafail

#10 “No, nothing to see around here!”

Image source: rompotodo

#11 The surgeons did a great job on her nose extension

Image source: loke_and_nala

#12 Such an elegant looking species of duck

#13 This is what happens if you leave cats out in the desert for too long

Image source: hanamomoact

#14 Even David Blaine couldn’t pull off a magic trick as convincing as this!

Image source: panoramafail

#15 Definitely too much corrective surgery. Cute though!

Image source: PuppermintJerry

#16 Would be cool to see more two-legged dogs around

Image source: Fantasma3

#17 The Loch Ness monster finally shows it’s face!

Image source: emeliegidlund


Image source:

#19 Just a headless dog, nothing unusual to see here

Image source: panoramafail

If you enjoyed this post, why not share your own favorite ‘animal fail’ panoramic photos in the comments below.

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