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23 Things That Are Amazingly Much Bigger Than Most Of Us Would Expect

23 Things That Are Amazingly Much Bigger Than Most Of Us Would Expect

If you have ever spent some time searching the internet for the biggest, fastest, oldest or the most extreme of anything, you’ll know that it’s amazing the things you will come across.

In the Guinness World Records, one of the most exciting and interesting sections is the part that covers the biggest of things.

It’s often it’s the scale of thing, once placed alongside something familiar, that truly highlights and magnificently big it actually is, and gives it that WOW factor.

Sometimes it’s something that you just had no idea about the the size of, and you’re shocked to find out it’s true dimensions, or sometimes something grows to an abnormally large size making it the biggest of it’s kind in the world.

Either way, it’s fun to have your mind blown by witnessing how big some things actually are.

So below are 25 things that are probably much bigger that you expected them to be.

#1. Horse lungs, fully inflated.

This explains why they are able to run for so long.

#2. African Land Snail

It actually looks like it would make a good pet!

#3 $10,000 in 1’s vs $10,000 in 100’s

Wouldn’t have thought the different in size would be that big. Either way, i’ll take it all please!

#4 How many Earths could fit inside the Sun

That’s a lot of earths!

#5 The Great Pyramid of Giza

This picture really puts it into perspective.

#6 A wild boars skull next to a wolf’s skull

Seeing the skull of this wild boar makes me definitely not want to ever run into one!

#7 A leatherback sea turtle

It looks like it could swallow you up whole.

#8 A fully grown wombat

Even at this size it still looks cute and cuddly.

#9 A salt-water crocodile

A magnificent looking creature, not to be played with.

#10 Michaelangelo’s David getting dusted off

#11 The difference between a million and a billion

#12 A hump back whale

Still polite enough to greet this diver with a handshake

#13 This is a model of a Quetzalcoatlus Northropi, the largest flying bird that ever walked the Earth

And that’s a 1.8m man standing next to it.

#14 A gorilla’s hand next to a human hand

#15 A blue whale’s heart

A big creature with a huge heart.

#16 If a moose was to roam around the city

#17 The blade of a wind turbine

From a distance they don’t look as if they would be anywhere near as big as this!

#18 The “one ring” from Lord of the Rings

This was used for close ups, and is why the ring looked so mesmerizing in some of the scenes in the trilogy.

#19 A road sign

We drive past them all the time but never get close enough to them to realize how big they are.

#20 A human hand meets and eagles claw

Wouldn’t want to let this thing “pick my brains for a minute”.

#21 The largest tree in the world

#22 A wolf staring down a couple of coyotes

Who do you think would win this fight?

#23 A 7ft tall man next to Yao Ming

We’re sure a few of those will have surprised you. Which one came as the biggest shock to you?

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