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5 Reasons You’re Attracting Haters & Why This Means You’re Doing Well

5 Reasons You’re Attracting Haters & Why This Means You’re Doing Well

When you get good at something or reach a certain level of success, it’s almost guaranteed that haters will enter your life.

But you don’t need to let them get you down. Haters are not on the same level as you, they are on a level below you, which is the source of the hate.

It’s worth considering the reasons why you have haters. This will help to reassure you that you’re doing well in life, so instead of bringing you down you can use the haters to give you a boost up.

Here are some reasons why you are noticing you have more haters in your life now.

#1 You attract attention

When things are going well in your life, one of the consequences of this is that the focus of attention is on you. When you accomplish big things, smash your targets at work, or even just create a happy home environment, other people start to pay attention to you.

So when you get this attention and haters don’t, that in itself is one of the reasons they are hating in the first place.

#2 Your life appears interesting to others

When people look at you and see that your life is interesting they may be a hint of jealousy there. They might not be too happy with their lives, so they start hating on you.

But don’t let that make you any less motivated to live your best life – keep doing you!

#3 You do good things

When you do good things for the people around you or your community that can really wind up the haters, and they tend to be missing this trick. They do nothing for their communities, and therefore nothing to make themselves feel better.

If fact they don’t tend to do anything in general, preferring instead to attack those who are going out there and doing good things.

#4 You’re a strong and capable person

When you have the strength to handle the harshness of life, haters are going to feel resentful when they see this. As opposed to being strong and resilient, haters are weak. They have a lot of work to do on themselves, but instead they think that they can level out the playing field by tearing down those around them.

#5 Your life has meaning and purpose

Haters essentially aren’t happy with the life they have carved out for themselves. It may lack meaning, whereas you live a life with meaning and a sense of purpose. So carry on with what matters to you and shower your haters with love, they need it more than anyone.

Inspire them to rise to their challenges and if they can’t rise up, or they wish to continue living in denial, then let them fall behind.

Don’t let haters hold you back. Life is too short.

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