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7 Ways To Tell If Your Lost Loved Ones Are Still With You

7 Ways To Tell If Your Lost Loved Ones Are Still With You

The pain of losing someone close to you can be indescribable.

Life without them can be challenging, we yearn to hear their voice again, to hug them, and the chance to tell them we love them one last time.

There are many people who ponder whether their deceased loved one is trying to contact them from the other side. Certainly, psychics and others throughout spiritual and religious communities believe that this is absolutely possible, and many have their own theories as to how they make contact.

So, how can you tell if your loved ones are actually trying to communicate with you?

1. Feeling their presence

It sounds spooky, but many who claim to have felt the presence of a deceased loved one found it very comforting and helped them overcome their grief. Feeling a sudden cold breeze, or even the sensation of someone touching your skin, can indicate contact from a departed soul.

2. Catching sight of them in your peripheral vision

You may be recalling many memories of your loved one with a strong desire to see them again. Sometimes you could catch a sudden glimpse of them, only to turn around to find there’s nobody there. It can be a quite a surprise and many people have had this experience.

3. Finding lost objects in strange places

Maybe you notice items that belonged to them, gifts that were given to you from them, or even photos can strangely disappear from where you once placed them and suddenly appear elsewhere in your house. This too could indicate they’re trying to contact you.

4. Randomly hearing songs that remind you of them

We all have songs that remind us of the experiences we’ve had with our loved ones. It’s not uncommon to be walking through a shopping mall, to turn on the radio, or to watch an advert which suddenly blares out the very song that reminds you of them. When this happens, you know that it’s more than just a coincidence!

5. Dreams

Dreams are powerful, and there’s a lot we don’t really know about them and why we have them. But, if you have a dream of your loved one you don’t need anyone else to tell you that those are special moments. And if you pay attention you may notice they’re communicating with you, especially in the more vivid dreams.

6. Numbers

Perhaps certain numbers seem to pop up randomly during your day. It could be the numbers relating to their birthday or anniversary, either way this is another pathway for them to communicate with you.

7. Animals

Sometimes our pets can suddenly act strange without explanation. However, it may very well be possible for animals to also feel the presence of the deceased. So the next time it happens consider whether your pet is giving a little sign that your loved one is close by.

These experiences can sometimes sound spooky when reading about them. But remember, in reality they can be very therapeutic and help you overcome the grief and challenges that arises when someone close to you passes away.

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