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Architect Leads Team Of People Over 3 Years To Create The World’s Largest Redwood Sculpture

Architect Leads Team Of People Over 3 Years To Create The World’s Largest Redwood Sculpture

This enormous giant lion sculpture was the combined effort of a team of 20 people, led by a Chinese architect and has claimed the title of the largest redwood sculpture in the world.

The giant lion has been dubbed ‘The Oriental Lion’ and was carved from a single tree trunk, measuring in at 47.5 feet long, 16.5 feet high, and 13 feet wide.

It’s most certainly a force to be reckoned with and can now be found at the Fortune Plaza Times Square in Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei Province.

Dengding Rui Yao led a team of dedicated workers to carve the impressive sculpture, after being commissioned to carry out the project in Myanmar initially.

When asked to make a huge sculpture he one one idea in mind, and that was the lion, which is regarded by many as the strongest animal in the animal kingdom, symbolizing majesty, strength, and courage.

The project took 3 years in total to complete due to the size of it and the intricate details. Now the majestic lion sits proudly in the Chinese city square for all to see.

The work was competed in Myanmar in December 2015, and then had to be transported over 3000 miles to reach it’s final destination at Wuhan’s Fortune Plaza Times Square.

Lions are well documented in traditional Chinese culture. As Buddhism spread from India to China, it brought with it much of it’s symbolism, including the lion.

Lions are considered protectors and statues of lions are often found at the entrances to imperial palaces, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing.

They can also be found outsides restaurants and hotels, with the belief that they can ward off evil spirits that have lingered since the Han dynasty, which was the was the second imperial dynasty of China, spanning four centuries from 206 BC through to 220 AD.

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