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China Plans To Send an Army of 100,000 Ducks to Combat Plague of Locusts in Pakistan

China Plans To Send an Army of 100,000 Ducks to Combat Plague of Locusts in Pakistan

In an effort to help combat the plague of locusts causing havoc in Pakistan, talks are under way in China to consider sending an army of 100,000 ducks over to eradicate them.

The locusts pose a severe threat to China’s regional food security, so it is in their interests to deal with the situation and prevent the locusts from spreading over the border to China.

A single duck can eat up to 200 locusts a day, so they may be more effective than pesticides, and this wouldn’t be the first time that ducks have been used for this purpose.

In 2000, an army of 30,000 ducks were deployed to Xinjiang to deal with a locust infestation.

Image credit: PA Images

A trial involving the ducks is planned in the Xinjiang province over the next couple of months, and should the trial prove successful they will then be sent to the worst-affected areas of Pakistan.

The situation has got so severe in Pakistan, with locust numbers at their highest in two decades, that it was declared an emergency earlier this month.

Image credit: PA Images

Lu Lizhi, a senior researcher with the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that a “huge army of ducks will be brought into Pakistan in the second half of this year” in an interview with Bloomberg.

There are some alternative solutions should they decide not to bring in the ducks, such as using pesticides, or as one local Pakistani newspaper suggested – getting the locals to start catching them to cook in curries or on the barbecue.

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