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Clever Bird Builds Cozy Nest For Chicks Inside City Centre Traffic Lights

Clever Bird Builds Cozy Nest For Chicks Inside City Centre Traffic Lights

An ingenious bird built a nest to raise it’s young inside a set of city centre traffic lights, much to the amusement of passersby.

In these incredible photos we can that see a mistle thrush picked a premium spot to build a nest for her and her five young chicks, in the city centre of Leeds, England (UK).

(Image: Dan Rowlands / SWNS)

She piled up a cluster of twigs and leaves to create a safe haven for her young, in the fitting of the middle amber light at the top of a metal post.

(Image: Dan Rowlands / SWNS)

It is thought that the bird chose this spot because of the warmth given off by light, given that newly hatched chicks need supplementary warmth until their feathers grow through fully.

The traffic lights are located in the middle of a busy junction near Leeds Beckett university, so the nest has been attracting a lot of attention from passing motorists and pedestrians.

(Image: Dan Rowlands / SWNS)

The mistle thrush is a large songbird that is normally found in woods or parkland, and feeds on seeds, berries, and a range of different invertebrates. Their favorite food is mistletoe fruit, which is where is gets it’s name from.

The mistle thrush typically incubate their eggs for around 2 weeks, which is around the time when the chicks become mature enough to fledge.

Take a closer look at the action in the video below.

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