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Converse Just Released An Iridescent Mermaid Sequined Sneaker

Converse Just Released An Iridescent Mermaid Sequined Sneaker

If Cinderella and Ariel created a shoe, this would be it. A new magical mermaid sneaker just arrived from Converse and we’re in love.

Growing up in the 80’s, I always wore Converse sneakers. Hi-tops, lo-tops, it didn’t matter. They weren’t as fancy as the ones we have today though. Our options ‘back in the day’ consisted of black, white, and the basic primary colours.

Today, we have a whole slew of choices, and after careful consideration, we’ve chosen the most recent release by Converse to be our favourite. The wedding ones were a close second, but we’ll get to that in just a second.

You can wear them just about anywhere.

I honestly can’t imagine a place where these sneakers wouldn’t look bomb af. sneakers are covered in mini silver sequins that have an iridescent sheen, so the shoes glisten in blue, purple, and pink.

They were inspired by the Northern Lights, according to the description, so that aurora vibe makes total sense, even though we still feel they are more, umm, mermaid-esque.

The shoes remind us of Cinderella’s glass slippers too- if a princess actually got to choose comfort for once. These enchanting kicks have plenty of sheen that catches the light, giving them the iridescence we just can’t get enough of.

Sure, they will run you about $70, but look at them- totally worth it.

The high tops are already so popular that they’re sold out on Converse’s website. Luckily, there are still pairs available on ASOS.

Now, we mentioned wedding sneakers earlier and now we’ll tell you all about them.

From their own website, Converse states, “Constructed with the latest and most innovative shoe technologies, Converse are built for all-day wear, so you can dance late into your wedding night in complete comfort. Say “I do” in style and pick the silhouette that is best suited for your big day with low and high top styles or get some added height with our women’s platform silhouette.”


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“From white wedding sneakers to sneakers that shine and shimmer, choose from a great selection to dress everyone from the bride and groom to bridesmaids and groomsmen. Want something uniquely your own? Customize a pair of custom wedding sneakers with Converse by You.”


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Brides have the choice of different designs such as the classic plain white low and high top shoes, sneakers covered in sequins, or black sneakers with embroidered roses.

These shoes are not only for the bride, however. The groom along with his groomsmen can also wear their choice of sneakers.

Do you have a favourite? Be sure to let us know all about your style in the comments.

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