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Fire Completely Destroys House, Stops at Scriptures Written on Wall Studs

Fire Completely Destroys House, Stops at Scriptures Written on Wall Studs

A home in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, was completely destroyed by a fire, except for several wall studs with Bible scriptures written on them.

The fire started at 7 pm on Sunday Feb 2nd, and lasted until midnight. All seven people who were at home at the time of the fire made it out alive and unharmed.

The family has a number of pets including birds, kittens and dogs, and at the time this story was reported they were still searching for them. One bird died in the fire, and they believe that some of the others may have escaped the house before the roof collapsed.

One member of the family, 16-year-old Rebecka Lovett said,

“We just shut the door and ran. We think of everything we lost and can’t really replace it. But we’ll get there eventually.”

It is believed the caused of the fire was electrical. Rebecka’s mother and father recall hearing popping sounds from the garage and when they investigated the entire area was engulfed in flames.

Image Source: WAFB

Rebecka’s aunt Kacey Chaisson who was not in the home at the time, spoke on behalf of the family:

“The kids were jumping over fire and running through smoke, trying to get animals out of the house”

It was a lucky escape as shortly after they all got outside a propane tank, a motorcycle, and several guns exploded in the garage.

Image Source: WAFB

Once the fire died down the investigators discovered something very interesting.  Livingston Parish Fire Protection District #2 posted a series of photos to Facebook and commented:

“What caught our eyes was that the homeowners had written scriptures on wall studs through the house. The fire stopped at the scriptures!!”

Image Source: WAFB

Image Source: WAFB

These verses from the Bible were written on the wall studs by family members and friends of the Lovetts to bless the home before it’s completion in 2017.

Image Source: WAFB

“My grandparents were praying people,” Chaisson said. “The fire spread up through the attic and those studs that are standing there with the scriptures may very well have saved their lives by giving them enough time for all seven people to get out of the house unharmed.”

Image Source: WAFB

“Nothing else matters if we don’t have our family,” Chaisson said. “The fact that they’re all standing here safe and sound is just a miracle. That’s all there is to it.”

Image Source: WAFB

One Facebook user commented:

“This gave me goosebumps”

And another described this as:

“A truth that truly defies human understanding”

The Lovett family is safe and staying in a hotel until they can find a new permanent home.

Source: WLBT

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