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Florida Farmers Start Selling Directly to Consumers to Avoid Produce Dumps

Florida Farmers Start Selling Directly to Consumers to Avoid Produce Dumps

Florida farms that typically sell their produce to local restaurants, cruise ships, and amusement parks are changing their business models, now focusing on community supported agriculture.

With the recent demise of the tourism industry and nationwide quarantines over the last month, many farmers have had to leave tons of food in their fields to rot. The businesses they usually served simply did not need their produce.

This has led many farms to adapt to survive, while also ensuring such a large amount of food does not go to waste when people are hungry and struggling financially.

So they have started to sell directly to the consumers who have found themselves needing to do a lot more home-cooking now.

This huge adaptation was not easy but Florida farmers are now getting assistance from the state department of agriculture, who have created a website which connects them to their local customers.

Via this website, residents can perform a search to locate farms and co-ops near them and view their product range.

There are some farms that grow mono-crops – such as tomatoes to be used for ketchup – and also diverse organic farms with a wide range of produce that used to find it’s way to high end restaurants.

The range of produce available includes:

Tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, collard greens, beets, cabbage, celery, kale, mushrooms, papaya, jackfruit, chard, escarole, corn, cucumber, green beans, peppers, scallions, turmeric, and a lot more!

Some farms are offering poultry, seafood, shell fish, and even milkshakes!

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