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How Tesla Solar Panels Are Changing The Lives of 35,000 Kenyans, Turning Ocean Water Into Drinking Water

How Tesla Solar Panels Are Changing The Lives of 35,000 Kenyans, Turning Ocean Water Into Drinking Water

It’s estimated that by 2025, half of the world’s population will no longer have access to clean drinking water.

It’s this frightening statistic that motivated one particular non-profit organization called Give Power, to build the first ever solar-powered desalination plant in Kenya.

Desalinating ocean water is no easy task; the financial investment and energy required to produce clean water is overwhelming.

However, Give Power have recognized the advantage of integrating powerful and durable Tesla solar panels and batteries can have when trying to meet the energy needs to successfully achieve clean drinking water.

Kiunga, in Kenya, is currently the first to benefit from the $500,000 investment. The area has been through major droughts and been threatened by rising sea levels, which has pushed people to source drinking water from contaminated salt water wells.

By harnessing the power of the sun, this huge desalination plant can provide 20,000 gallons of clean water every day. That’s enough for 35,000 people. The President of Give Power, Hayes Barnard, told Business Insider:

You have to find a way to pull water out of the ocean in a scalable way, in a sustainable way”


It’s estimated that 41 percent of the population entire population of Kenya struggles to access clean water and have to rely on ponds, rivers and shallow wells instead.

Drinking polluted water has catastrophic effects for those people who often have no other choice.

In addition, poor sanitation also compounds the problem which leads to the spread of preventable diseases such as dysentery, typhoid, cholera. Even diarrhoea becomes a life-threatening ailment, where approximately 842,000 people in the world die each year.

Give Power aims to alleviate the crisis in other parts pf the world. In order for the project to survive, and for the population too, they charge a penny per gallon of water to locals. It’s a small contribution that locals are grateful for, even though most live in less than $3 per day.

It’s also hoped that this will open up other possibilities for locals to become more active in their community; locals could even form businesses around transporting water to other villages, hospitals and schools.

So, a $500,000 investment is a huge investment (one that Give Power hopes to reduce for future projects), but isn’t it amazing to see how a community can be uplifted and transformed with one simple solution? Surely that’s priceless.

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