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How To Live Life To Its Fullest And Find True Happiness?

How To Live Life To Its Fullest And Find True Happiness?

We all dream of a happy life. And we are all guilty of relentlessly chasing after that dream by forsaking our reality.

There are very few of us who realize how inconsistent life can be and how our plans can all crumble when reality strikes. So instead of dreaming let’s go and live life.

A happy fantasy goes a long way towards giving us the strength to endure a difficult today. But the beauty of life is scarce and fleeting and we may fail to catch it if we are busy chasing after tomorrow. Happiness cannot be pursued. Happiness can only be experienced. Just live life and let yourself feel the goodness and you would reach the happiness you were running after.

Yesterday has always passed and tomorrow is always yet to arrive. We have power over neither. It is only today that is in our hands and we need to live life now and make it our own. Because what we are doing will always be more important than what we have done or what we are planning to do.

We are all trying to be heard when what we need is to listen. The voices of the people who matter to us are getting buried under our own. So can we take a moment to listen to those we care about, to listen to the things that matter?

Whether it is a dessert from your favorite place or a round of your favorite game, these things define who we are more than our greater ambitions. Cherish these like the blooms in the spring. Living a happy life is realizing that happiness is not an eternal streak. It is a different wave crashing upon us every time.

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Some people would make room for you because they have time to kill. And some people would kill for your time. A positive presence in your life is not someone who gives you a lot because they have a lot to spare but the ones who share when they have nothing to spare.

Failures are the pillars of success. It is neither a new thing nor cliched. It still holds. Every time you fail, you learn of a method that doesn’t yield the correct results. So keep trying, keep learning even if you are failing. You can only become better than you were, not worse.

Accept the challenges that life offers you with both arms. You will never know the extent of your strength and resilience until you have been tested against trials you have not faced before. As you keep growing so does the portion of your obstacles. But that is not so that you could quit. It is so that you could hone your skills.

You need not have your whole life planned ahead of you. But you could certainly plan for the next step and you must be able to see the end of it as you do. Whether it is relationship or careers, do not waste your time on something you could not see going anywhere.

Give yourself time. You need to take time off to spend with your first friend, you. You need to give yourself attention and pamper yourself. Cherish knowing yourself a little better.

Go a little crazy. Do something wild. Sit on the ride you were always scared to. Paint your walls like crazy. Do what you always thought would be fun to do but never had the time to. Sometimes it is okay to take a break and live life like it is ending tomorrow.

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