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Lions in South Africa Take Advantage of Lockdown By Having Afternoon Nap on Empty Road

Lions in South Africa Take Advantage of Lockdown By Having Afternoon Nap on Empty Road

Much like domestic cats, big cats in the wild also have a tendency to sleep anywhere they feel like, as can be seen in South Africa where lions have been making use of the empty roads dues to the country’s lockdown.

Park Ranger Richard Sowry at the Kruger National Park took some amazing pics in which we can see the sleepy cats stretching out and enjoying an afternoon nap on the roads that would normally be busy with cars full of tourists.

While people have been forced to stay in their homes to self-isolate, national parks have been shut down, meaning the animals can now roam more freely without having to worry about passing cars.

It seems that the empty roads provided an ideal sleeping spot due to there being heavy rain the night before, and the tar was drier than the grass at the time they needed to lie down.

The pride of lions didn’t seem to mind Sowry getting close to take some pics, however he stayed in his vehicle for his own safety, and the lions were mostly all fast asleep during their photo shoot.

Sowry explained:

“Lions are used to people in vehicles. All animals have much more of an instinctive fear of people on foot, so if I had walked up they would never have allowed me to get so close.”

Sowry posted the photos of the unusual afternoon nap to the park’s official Twitter account, where that have received thousands of likes and retweets from admirers of the lions.

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