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Massive ‘Murder Hornets’ Have Now Found Their Way To The U.S., Here’s How Bad It’s Sting Is

Massive ‘Murder Hornets’ Have Now Found Their Way To The U.S., Here’s How Bad It’s Sting Is

A new insect that you really wouldn’t want to get stung by, the “Murder Hornet’, has been spotted in the United States for the first time.

Also known as ‘Asian Giant Hornets’ they are typically found in Japan and other parts of Asia, and pack a nasty, potentially lethal sting, hence why America has dubbed them ‘Murder Hornets’.

Like most insects, they typically just want to mind their own business, but if they feel threatened by humans they may react aggressively and if you get stung multiple times it could lead to death.

Their stinger is even so strong that it can pierce through a modern bee keeper suit, so they are not a creature you’d enjoy getting stung by!

They are usually between 1.5 – 2 inches long, with large yellow-orange heats will prominent eyes and a black and yellow striped abdomen.

When this hornet stings it victims it injects a high dose of venom which destroys tissue and attacked the nervous system causing immense pain and possible hospitalization.

They cause the death of up to 50 people per year in Japan, and now they may potentially start causing a similar death toll in the United States.

In the video below we get to see the effects of what affect a sting from a Murder Hornet has on a human. Coyote Peterson was featured on an episode of Brave Wilderness travelling in Japan and being brave enough to get stung by one on purpose, to keep you educated and entertained.

Check it out!

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