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Nobody Ever Told Me! – 16 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier Pt.1

Nobody Ever Told Me! – 16 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier Pt.1

There’s nothing life being informed. And there’s also nothing like making your life easier with clever life hacks.

We’re here to share with you some things you wish you had known sooner, but as they say – better late than never!

These tips and tricks will make you feel like you’re winning at life and you’ll also impress those around you when you blow their minds with simple but effective solutions to every day problems.

Check them out below. We’re sure that for even the most advanced of life-hackers, there will be at least a handful of new ones to level up your game.

#1 Turn a tennis ball into useful holder. Cut a strip in it, and glue a suction cup to it. (Adding eyes is optional)

#2 Avoid getting cheese-fingers when eating Doritos or Cheetos by using chopsticks

#3 Make a quick and easy dustpan by cutting the handle off of a jug

#4 Charge your mobile faster by switching ‘Airplane Mode’ on

#5 Use your knuckles to remember the number of days in months. The bumps have 31 days and the spaces have 30 (with the exception of February, which has 28)

#6 Rub a walnut on to scratched furniture to minimize dings and scuffs

#7 The arrow on your fuel gauge lets you know which side of your car the tank is on

#8 Use a key ring to fix a zipper on your jeans that keeps falling down

#9 Chicken wings are easier to eat when your pull the bones out first

#10 When parking in a tight space, reversing into it gives you a sharper turning radius

#11 Use a dustpan to get water into a bucket that is too big to fit in the sink

#12 Open a banana more easily by pinching the end of it

#13 Toilet clogged and overflowing? Turning this knob will stop water from going into the tank

#14 Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth if you get brain freeze. It will warm up your soft palate

#15 Increase the range of your car remote by putting it underneath your open mouth

#16 You can make a makeshift laptop bag out of a hoodie

We hope you have learned a trick or two from the above life hacks.

If you enjoyed the tips, why not share this with a friend and consider it your good deed for the day!

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