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Octopus Makes An Escape From Aquarium Through A Drainpipe Into The Sea

Octopus Makes An Escape From Aquarium Through A Drainpipe Into The Sea

An Octopus has allegedly made an astonishing escape from the national aquarium in New Zealand.

The escape, which took place during the night, wasn’t witnessed by anyone; however, it’s thought the octopus took the chance when noticing the lid on the tank wasn’t fully closed.

The octopus, called “Inky”, wasted no time and breaking free.

Staff came to the conclusion that he most likely broke free by climbing over the top of the tank, sliding down the tank, then slithering across the floor towards a drain pipe which leads to the ocean.

They also believed he may have simply squeezed through a pipe adjacent to the tank which lead towards to drain.

The drainpipe was approximately 6 inches in diameter, which just about made it possible for an Octopus his size to make it through.

The journey back to the ocean would also have meant swimming through 160 feet of drainpipe.

It’s not so far fetched, Octopuses can squeeze through gaps that are even the size of coins. They have no bones and are very flexible. They’re even considered to be quite intelligent and have been observed using tools for their own needs.

An aquarist, Alix Harvey, spoke to The New York Times saying:

“Octopuses are fantastic escape artists…they are programmed to hunt prey at night and have a natural inclination to move around at night.”

Harvey, who works at the the Marine Biological Association in England, also said:

“They have a complex brain, have excellent eyesight, and research suggests they have an ability to learn and form mental maps.”

The aquarium has expressed their sadness to see Inky go, but they weren’t surprised as they always thought of him as capable of pulling off a stunt. They also stated they wouldn’t search for Inky and are not seeking a replacement any time soon.

So, what is the life lesson here? Once you spot an opportunity, waste no time and just go for it.

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