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Paralyzed Cat Pulls Himself Around A Vet Clinic To Cuddle Recovering Dogs

Paralyzed Cat Pulls Himself Around A Vet Clinic To Cuddle Recovering Dogs

If there’s one thing we know for absolute certainty, it’s that cats and dogs are incredible animals who have an almost infinite amount of love to give.

Want proof?

Lucifer is a black cat who injured his spine in an accident when he was young. As a result of the accident, he is paralyzed but an animal clinic in Perm, Russia brought him in and helped him. Thanks to their TLC, he is now living better as a disabled cat.

Although Lucifer is still paralyzed, he has regained the use of his limbs to a limited extent. He would drag himself around the clinic and it soon became apparent that he was in tune with the suffering of other animals. With his limited mobility, he would go help the sick pets at the facility.

Lucifer, or Luc, as his caretakers call him now is comforting to many animals at the shelter. He cuddles with them for hours and helps keep them warm. Many cats that are in the shelter have also used his services as a blood donor.

It is assumed that Luc helps other animals because he knows how difficult it is to go through a hard patch in life. He has a compassion for other animals that is natural and has earned a place in the hearts of all who know him.

Can animals feel empathy for other animals? Author Carl Safina believes without a doubt, yes they can.

He speaks to National Geographic on the topic and states, “Life is very vivid to animals. In many cases they know who they are. They know who their friends are and who their rivals are. They have ambitions for higher status. They compete. Their lives follow the arc of a career, like ours do.”

“We both try to stay alive, get food and shelter, and raise some young for the next generation. Animals are no different from us in that regard and I think that their presence here on Earth is tremendously enriching.”

You can see more of Luc doing what he loves best in this video below:

Have you ever seen an animal share an empathic experience with another? Let us know in the comments.

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