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Photographer Captures The Tender Friendship Between A Dog And An Owl

Photographer Captures The Tender Friendship Between A Dog And An Owl

This isn’t the first time we have seen a close friendship between animals of two different species, but this one might just be the cutest!

Photographer Tanja Brandt has shared some amazing pictures with the world that show the unlikely friendship between Ingo, a German Shephard dog, and and owl called Poldi.

It’s quite surprising to see these two animals so in tune with each other, very at ease, and certainly having fun.

Tanja has managed to combine her passion for animals with her professional photography skills to capture some profound moments in the world of nature, and this particular series of photos has definitely grabbed a lot of attention.

We could all learn something from message implied by these images – that we should be able to put aside our differences to truly connect with others and be their companion, even if they do seem like a different species altogether. Wouldn’t that make life more pleasant?

The images were posted and shared on her Facebook and Instagram pages. We have included some of our favorites below.








Images: Tanja Brandt

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