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Pigeon That Can’t Fly Becomes Best Friends With A Chihuahua Puppy That Can’t Walk

Pigeon That Can’t Fly Becomes Best Friends With A Chihuahua Puppy That Can’t Walk

Two rescue animals with disabilities have became unlikely friends, and it’s the cuteness of the pair together that helped raise the money to get them better.

Herman is a pigeon who can’t fly, having suffered neurological damage over a year ago, and newborn puppy Lundy lost the use of his two rear legs.

When they met each other they were quick to snuggle up as if they were siblings of the same species, and once their photos began to be seen by the public the donations started to flood in, leading to a total of $6,000.

They met through the Mia Foundation, an organization that rehabilitates animals with birth deformities, based in Rochester, New York.

Herman had been spotted on a pavement over a year ago, unable to fly, and when other rescuers said they couldn’t help and he would have to be put down, Sue Rogers of the Mia Foundation took him in herself.

Lundy was sent from South Carolina after his breeders discovered he could not use his back legs. Rogers believes the problem is due to his tiny spinal cord.

Herman the pigeon will most likely need to be looked after by Rogers for the rest of his life, but she is hopeful that Lundy can survive and may eventually find him a new home.

“With animals born with defects, there’s a chance we could lose them,” she said. “So we don’t want to make anyone really excited. But now I think we’ve gotten a thousand emails asking, ‘Please, don’t ever separate those two!’”

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