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Seven Friends Buy A Mansion So They Can All Grow Old Together In The Best Way

Seven Friends Buy A Mansion So They Can All Grow Old Together In The Best Way

You and your besties probably have had goals like this at some point, but seeing it actually come to life is incredible.

When you and your best friend have a certain kind of special connection, you can’t imagine life without them. It just wouldn’t be the same without their laugh, their weird sense of humor, or their little pet peeves that make them the unique individual you love to call “friend.”

What if you could make sure that you two would always be close? Better yet, what if you had 6 friends who you shared that kind of bond with?

One group of women from Guangzhou, China are living that exact scenario. After combining together their money they managed to buy a mansion for themselves to live in when they’re older.

Like all the very best plans, the idea originally started as a joke, but when the seven best friends spotted the massive pad in need of some work, they decided to make it a reality.

When they first decided to take on this project, the home they chose looked like this:

Following a four million yuan (£462,000) refurbishment, their stunning three-storey mansion is now completed with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, an airy tea pavilion, a massive open kitchen and a swimming pool.

After painstaking renovations and a dedication to the love of this project, their new friendship manor looks like this:

The 7,535-square-foot house, located in a quaint village roughly 70 kilometres (43 miles) away from Guangzhou’s city centre, has a large communal space on the ground floor and seven rooms for each of the ladies on the floors above, according to Yitiao in a report.

The friends wanted to create an open space with enough room for everyone to enjoy the kitchen together:

‘At first it was just a joke,’ one of the friends named Jin Du told Yitiao. ‘We said we would get together when we were 60 and live the retired life together.’

The seven women met 20 years ago at work and have been best friends ever since, Ms Jin said, adding that they are all now in their 30s.

The three-and-a-half-story estate is surrounded by paddy fields. It features shared space on the ground floor and individual bedrooms for each of the ladies on the upper level.

“We’ll probably cook together, barbecue in the fields, sing and collect food in the village,” the friends say. “We joke that each of us should practice one skill so that we won’t be lonely and fight with each other 10 years later … Some can cook beautiful food, some know traditional Chinese medicine, some play instruments and some grow vegetables.”

“Ten or 15 years later our children might have grown up,” the friends add, “so we also hope that we can still be together in the next years.”

Would you like to do this with your friends?

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