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She Can’t Afford Shoes So She Makes Her Own “Nike” From Bandages And Wins 3 Gold Medals

She Can’t Afford Shoes So She Makes Her Own “Nike” From Bandages And Wins 3 Gold Medals

This young athlete, an 11-year-old girl has proved to the whole world that to run and win a race you do not need expensive sneakers, impeccably designed, and trending as the latest fashion, but all you need is unflappable determination.

Her name is Rhea Bullos, she is Filipina, and her story has brought her a lot of attention and caused many people to read and chat about her.

As evidenced by the photos and confirmed by her trainer Predirick Valenzuela, the young girl won 3 gold medals during the Ilolio Schools Sports Council Meet competition, where Rhea represented her school – Salvation Elementary School.

She won 3 gold medals in the 400, 800 and 1500 meter races, and she was not wearing any fashionable name-brand sneakers on her feet! She wore only her own hand-made foot coverings made by wrapping her feet in tape, on which the young girl had drawn the trademark symbol of Nike, the well-known sports brand.

Despite the difficulties of life and the fact that she had never been able to afford “real” sneakers, Rhea had never given up or found an excuse not to train.

Rhea’s story and her photo have become a symbol of success for her country: “This is what Filipino athletes are made of” reads the comments of the various Internet users who support the young athlete.

Many people are encouraging a fundraiser so that Rhea can buy suitable sneakers and any other kind of support that she needs for her future sports career.

The dream of Rhea, in fact, is to someday participate in the National Games and the Games of South-East Asia.

It takes a certain kind of dedication to yourself, without fear of judgment from others, to do something like this. I truly believe we can all learn an important lesson from this brave girl’s actions, and perhaps become better, more courageous versions of ourselves. Embrace what we have, and what we don’t have, and live fearlessly in order to acheive our goals.

Well done to her!

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