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She Weighed 663 Pounds At 24-Years-Old, Now Look At Her After Dropping To 250 Pounds

She Weighed 663 Pounds At 24-Years-Old, Now Look At Her After Dropping To 250 Pounds

When it comes to losing weight, most of us know what it’s like to go through the battle to shed excess pounds by any means necessary.

If you set your goal and have the self-discipline to stick with a diet and exercise regime, those pounds will start to drop off and you’ll be on your way to reaching your target.

One of the most spectacular examples of weight loss achievements can be seen in the case of Amber Rachidi.

In 2014, she weighed 663 pounds, and her huge body made her affected her confidence. At this weight life became challenging as she could only walk for a few minutes before having to stop, and she could not fit into her car.

It was difficult for her to bath herself and she needed to rely on a scrub brush.

In this year, she was featured on an episode My 600 Pound Life, a TV program with a mission to help obese people lose weight.

At the time when the show was airing she was not allowed to share information about her weight, but one Facebook fan said that when chatting with her she said she was excited to have finally reached 250 lbs.

So she lost over 400 lbs, an amazing effort, and apparently continued to lose more pounds by the day.

She achieved this by first watching her diet, avoiding many foods due to her high level of cholesterol. She then started introducing physical exercises into her daily routine.

The exercises included jogging, press ups, sit ups and squats. This took a tremendous amount of effort considering that even just walking for a few minutes would leave her out of breath when she was at her heaviest.

She continued and stuck with the plan, and after a few weeks of this healthy lifestyle she qualified for gastric bypass surgery.

Amber understood that she had to keep up her diet and exercise plan, as the gastric surgery was to help her but was not the complete solution.

So she stuck with it and continued to shed the pounds, until she hit her target, and didn’t stop there. It seems the new habits she has formed have stuck, as she continues to eat healthy homemade food and exercises daily.

Amber loves that her story inspires people, and she stresses the importance of being hopeful, and that it’s never too late, no matter how overweight you are.

With focus, hard work, determination and knowing what you want, anyone can make it.

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