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Spanish Beach is Sprayed With Bleach and People Are Furious

Spanish Beach is Sprayed With Bleach and People Are Furious

Authorities in a Spanish coastal resort have used tractors to spray bleach onto a beach, destroying all living creatures in the area and the environment.

With the intentions of disinfecting the area to make it safe again, officials of Zahara de los Atunes, near Cadiz, sprayed a section of the beach spanning 2km (1.2 miles) with a bleach solution, the day before families and children were allowed back out.

People have been left in utter disbelief, having witnessed the disinfectant destroying most of the eco-systems that were present on the beach and it’s dunes, especially as this beach includes some protected breeding and nesting places for migratory birds.

María Dolores Iglesias, who manages an environmental volunteer group in the region, has seen the extent of the damage with her own eyes and says that it “killed everything on the ground, nothing is seen, not even insects.”

She explained:

“Bleach is used as a very powerful disinfectant, it is logical that it be used to disinfect streets and asphalt, but here the damage has been brutal. They have devastated the dune spaces and gone against all the rules. It has been an aberration what they have done, also taking into account that the virus lives in people not on the beach. It is crazy.”

“The beach has its own way of cleaning itself, it was not necessary,” she added. “They do not think that this is a living ecosystem, but a lot of land.”

Local official Agustín Conejo has came out and apologized for the bleaching of the beach saying “I admit that it was a mistake, it was done with the best intention,” going on to admit that it was the “wrong move.”

The damage, which could easily have been avoided, is immensely tragic given that wildlife on the beach had been thriving during the recent lockdown.

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