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Strong Women Are Not Born, They Are Forged From The Fires They Survive

Strong Women Are Not Born, They Are Forged From The Fires They Survive

Being a strong woman is not something we are born into. Rather, we become strong by surviving the flames.

Women and men alike must be strong if we are going to make sure that life’s hardships don’t overwhelm and discourage them. Those who are weaker may surrender to the difficulty of overcoming them, but there are those special women who manage to emerge stronger and wiser.

Like the phoenix, they are reborn from the ashes. By experiencing hardships, they learn from their past mistakes and, when faced with a variety of challenges, become a better, wiser and stronger version of themselves.

Every life lesson comes in the form of a difficult challenge. Only those who manage to overcome these challenges achieve the strength of a thousand fires burning within their soul.

Some people believe that strength equates to not breaking down and not showing emotion, but that is not the case at all. Being strong does not mean that you cannot experience something emotionally, but it means that you find the strength to raise every time you fall.

The fires we experience in life may try to burn us, but strong women rise from the ashes and build entire worlds on the foundation others have attempted to crumble beneath our feet.

Strong women feel all their emotions, and they know which ones to hold onto, and which ones to release. These people embrace their true emotions, and they deal with them with the grace and the strength of a cheetah.

Individuals like this are people who know exactly what they want in their life and what they want to achieve. They let their inner voice guide them through life, resulting in the right choice of path. Their intuition has become a chiseled tool, perfectly capable of working away the rubble to expose the treasure beneath.

They have endured many hardships in life. Because of this, they become courageous warriors who do not let life’s challenges overwhelm them. They are ready to learn from their mistakes and use those experiences to move onto better and brighter days.

By mastering their failures and their fears, they take their biggest steps towards a greater life.

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