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Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time With Idiots

Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time With Idiots

A strong woman is a force to be reckoned with. Courageous and calm, independent and confident, driven and compassionate.

Strong women choose not to waste time on things or people that are unworthy. They are aware of their true value, and the importance of maintaining their own physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Their power is a result of the many battles they have fought in their life, and they do not suffer fools gladly.

A strong woman knows that she is better off going solo, than to be with someone who doesn’t appreciate the wonder that she is.

A strong woman seeks a partner who will continue to grow with her, who values her, and who will not let her down when times get tough.

She understands the difference between being single and being lonely, and that being single is far better than being in an unhealthy relationship.

She enjoys the perks of having independence and keeping her dignity, and refuses to settle for less than she deserves.

A strong woman knows what she wants from life and exactly how she intends to a achieve it.

She knows who should be allowed to get close to her, and if you are lucky enough to be allowed into her inner circle, you will benefit immensely from having her in your life.

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