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The 10 Most Hilarious DIY Lockdown Haircuts

The 10 Most Hilarious DIY Lockdown Haircuts

With millions of us forced to stay at home and salons and barber shops closed, many people have inevitably resorted to cutting their hair themselves at home, or having family members cut it for them, and the results are hilarious.

Lockdown haircuts might be the only funny thing about the current situation, so we are certainly grateful for the laughs they provide to keep our spirits up.

It seems some people should have waited until the shops re-opened, but they couldn’t resist it.

Here are 10 of the best we have came across so far.

1. Apparently since lockdown, divorce cases are on the rise, and we wouldn’t be surprised if lockdown haircuts gone wrong were the reason for a few of them!

2. I think we can see what she was going for, but missed the mark slightly. The fringe is certainly unique though.

3. He asked for an “old man haircut”. And that’s exactly what he got!

4. There was once a time when this was a fashionable haircut, maybe it’s time it came back…

5. They took a risk and it all went horribly wrong.

6. A valiant effort – 10/10 for consistency!

7. It wouldn’t seem so bad if we didn’t know the style she was aiming for.

8. Apparently it looks great from the front, so maybe he’ll never know how disastrous it looks from behind.

9. After seeing so many like this i’m starting to get used to it, like it’s totally acceptable.

10. Even the dog couldn’t escape the wrath of the lockdown haircut, but we think he still looks adorable!

Share your favorite lockdown haircuts in the comments!



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