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The Scientific Reason Why Some Women Are Happier Single

Being single isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it probably makes you pretty happy. There’s a scientific reason, or a few, why that is.

Being a single woman can be a real challenge. We’re constantly asked “So, are you dating anyone?” And if we say no, it’s usually followed up with “Well, why not?” Many people, especially those who are in relationships, or those who enjoy dating, just don’t understand.

But a recent poll found that 61% of women say they’re happy being single, compared to 49% of happily single men. Although the poll comes out of the UK, but I’d wager to guess that it’s fairly similar in America. The report, published by company Mintel, also states that of those 61% of women, 75% of them haven’t pursued a relationship in the past year.

Yes, they also search for true love, but the longer you stay out of relationships, more you understand that you are capable of doing everything by yourself. And there is no need to date just because you are scared to be alone.

Women wait for real, strong feelings and spend all their free time on developing themselves. And that brings them lots of joy and confidence!

One of the other reasons women are happier single? We have a bigger social circle.

“Women tend to be better at having alternative social networks and other confidantes whereas men tend to rely quite heavily on their wives for that and have fewer other social ties,” said Professor Grundy. Again, that doesn’t mean single men don’t have friends, just that they have fewer friends and don’t spend as much time or energy cultivating those relationships.

With most women, it isn’t a secret that our female friendships are incredibly important to us, so we will often make a more concentrated effort to keep our girlfriends close. This is especially true of single women, who, when they are unencumbered with a partner, have far more time to spend doing things with their friends.

And single people are more focused on their personal growth, making them some of the best humans to be around.

In a study of 1,000 single people and 3,000 married people, single people reported higher levels of learning, positive change and growth.

Single people were also more likely to believe that new experiences were important to challenge how they think about the world and themselves.

It seems intuitive that single people are more likely to focus on bettering themselves, as they have one less person to worry about.

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