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These Adorable Alien-Like Sea Slugs Look Like Creatures From Another Planet

These Adorable Alien-Like Sea Slugs Look Like Creatures From Another Planet

When you consider that 50-80% of life on Earth is found in the ocean, and that only 10% of the ocean has been explored so far, it makes sense that there will be some strange looking creatures lurking in the depths.

These adorable sea slugs are a prime example of the interesting and varied nature you can expect to find down below sea level.

Most of these ‘slugs’ are actually snails that lost their shells over the years, and have gained new characteristics through the process of evolution.

They are fascinating in their color and detail, and look like alien creatures that an imaginative sci-fi writer would have dreamed up.

Let’s have a close up look at them.

#1 Blue Angel (Glaucus Atlanticus)

Photo Credit: Paul Hypnos

#2 Sea Sheep (Costasiella Kuroshimae)

Photo Credit: Jim Lynn

#3 Leaf Slug (Elysia Chlorotica)

Photo Credit:

#4 Janolus Fuscus

Photo Credit: Daniel Hershman

#5 Lettuce Sea Slug (Elysia Crispata)

Photo Credit: Ashley Hauck

#6 Cadlinella Ornatissima

Photo Credit: Jim Chen

#7 Hypselodoris Kanga

Photo Credit: Doug Anderson

#8 Cyerce Nigricans

Photo Credit: Allen Lee

#9 Hypselodoris Apolegma

Photo Credit: Klaus Stiefel

#10 Flabellina Iodinea

Photo Credit:

#11 Sea Bunny (Acanthodoris Pilosa)

Photo Credit: Jim Anderson

#12 Janolus Fuscus

Photo Credit: Tory Kallman

#13 Phyllodesmium Poindimiei

Photo Credit: Ken Thongpila

#14 Chromodoris Alius

Photo Credit: Eugene Lim

#15 Dirona Albolineata

Photo Credit: Jeff Goddard

#16 Halgerda Batangas Orange Spotted

Photo Credit: Mathieu Meur

#17 Nudibranch

Photo Credit: Sandra Edwards 

If you’re as amazed at these little beauties as we are, why not share this post and let us know your favorite in the comments.

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