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These Charcoal Skulls Will Mesmerize Guests At Your Next BBQ

These Charcoal Skulls Will Mesmerize Guests At Your Next BBQ

What’s better than a backyard BBQ? A backyard BBQ with charcoal skulls, obviously.

Nothing quite like enjoying a few refreshing beverages with some friends over an open fire after eating your fair share of hot dogs and hamburgers. The sound of the crackling fire, the feel of the cool yet heated crisp wind, and the charcoal burning brightly that happens to be shaped like skulls burning brightly.

Yep, that’s correct and your eyes do not deceive you- charcoal in the shape of a skull.

There is a certain magic to a burning fire: it brings us together. It makes us feel alive, too. Every fire, of course, can use a little extra magic and that’s why some created Skull Charcoal – a unique piece of charcoal art that will give your next braai, or BBQ, a more mystifying vibe.

According to the official Skull Charcoal website, “Using a unique mix of high-quality charcoal and wood, our Charcoal Skulls are carefully made and burn exceptionally well. We designed them to stay intact after they’ve burned so that you’re left with Skull Ash.”

You can get these bad boys shipped almost anywhere in the world too! They deliver to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Mexico, South Africa.

Overall, the reviews are outstanding. Five stars from the majority of those who purchased the intriguing charcoal pieces.

“Really fancy packaging, too! I will be putting one or two in Christmas stockings (lump of skull coal 😬). Those who get it will completely understand the quirky humor!”

“Everything I purchased is awesome. The Charcoal, Hoodie and Apron are fantastic. I love Skull Charcoal”

Yes, they sell other items as well with their company name embossed on them. Mugs, aprons, hoodies, and a few other unique gifts can be found in their shop online.

If you’d like to show off at your next BBQ or backyard campfire event, you can pick up a small box (contains 3 high quality skulls) or a large box (contains 6 high quality skulls). They aren’t exactly cheap, but if you have the cash to burn, a small box will set you back about $30.

Who’s ready for a good old fashioned BBQ, with a twist?

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