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These Cups Turn Into Mini Galaxies When Clear Liquid Is Poured Into Them

These Cups Turn Into Mini Galaxies When Clear Liquid Is Poured Into Them

These cups are designed in a very unique way so that when you add clear liquid, an entire galaxy appears within them.

If you had guests coming to your home, wouldn’t you try to impress them with a drink that tastes like heaven? We bet you would also want the drink to look heavenly, too. Humans have always been fascinated by the heavens.

Stars, galaxies, universes- we love them all.

Well, this beautiful galaxy sake cups design that you’re about to see would probably give you what you’ll need. Japanese artist Hiromi Sato has individually made these cups by hand.

They were so amazingly beautiful, they sold out soon after announcing their availability.

Each stainless steel tumbler is unique and is made by painting and repainting with lacquer before being finished with gold dust. It is the gold that gives the shimmering, star-like quality to these cool cups, which are known as “Chuu COCORO,” or “Space Heart.”

The  Sansaku website states they are “a work that has been painted with the unique texture of stainless steel processing technology and oxidation coloration in Sakai City, Niigata Prefecture by Hiromi Sato, a traditional craftsman in Niigata and Shirane Butsudan.

The galaxy design cups don’t come cheap, as can be expected from such handcrafted works. When available, they sell at 10,800 yen (US$99.91) a piece.

The Niigata Prefecture, from which Hiromi Sato hails, is where you’d find more than 90 sake breweries. It’s also a famous prefecture since it produces some of Japan’s most high-quality sake.

The artist Hiromi has found herself surprised by the apparent popularity of her work. Now, she’d like to assure her customers that she is working on making more of these kinds of tumblers.

“There is such a huge reaction and I am surprised,” Hiromi wrote on her blog. “However, there are no more cups available right now. We apologize for any inconvenience, please wait for a while. Thank you in advance.”

Each cup measures 2 inches tall and can hold up to 1.25 oz of liquid each. They are made with a stainless steel tumbler, and Sato paints them, adds texture, and adds a lacquer finish. To achieve the starry look, he tops them off with gold dust.

Would you be willing to try one of these cups out and see if you can envision the endless galaxies within?

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