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These Mesmerizing Tables Look Like Ocean Waves Washing Ashore

These Mesmerizing Tables Look Like Ocean Waves Washing Ashore

Who loves the calming bliss of ocean waves? Pretty much everyone, and now you can enjoy that serenity in your own home.

When two creative minds come together, nearly anything is possible, but great things are likely to transpire.

Such is the case with artist Rivka Wilkins and woodworker Jared Davis, who collaborated on a shared project. The result is an excellent example of what can be achieved through sharing talents in artistic projects.

It all starts with Davis finding the perfect live edge slab of wood. “I cut them and sand them to length and ship to Rivka. Then she works her resin magic and layers her waves on the top surface of the table. Then she ships it back to me where I sand and finish all the edges, the back, and the remaining strip on the top of the slab that is not covered by her waves. And then I measure and order the legs for it and assemble it!” he said in an interview with Bored Panda.

Wilkins is already extremely familiar with the ocean aesthetic, as you can see in her Etsy shop. Her work consists of creating dramatic and elaborate beachy-coastline scenes on cheeseboards and other wooden items.

Davis crafted a giant walnut table out of reclaimed wood, as most of his work entails using living edge wood, and told Wilkins to go wild with her ocean vibe.

“The resin layers intertwine beautifully in this furniture set that consists of a coffee table and a bench, creating a realistic feeling of waves splashing against a shore. Wilkins’ art not only breathes life into the classic texture of the wood, but makes it a one-of-a-kind piece that has its own aesthetic and feel,” writes BoredPanda.

Davis was curious to start working with Wilkins when he first saw her projects and designs on Instagram.

“She seemed really genuine and actually our first collaboration was a giveaway for my 40k follower mark,” he told BoredPanda “I had her do her resin waves on that first bench and we gave it away and it went over so well that we decided to be partners and start building more of them!”

Davis’ shop on Etsy has a couple of these mesmerizing tables still available for sale, ranging between $2,000 and $2,200USD.

Wilkins’ shop on Etsy is currently all sold out of her gorgeous ocean wave creations, but she says she will be getting more stock into the shop soon.

Check out more of their work below:

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