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This Couple Built A Cabin Partially Made Out Of Recycled Windows For $500

This Couple Built A Cabin Partially Made Out Of Recycled Windows For $500

They had to buy certain supplies new, like nails and some wood pieces, but the majority of this mountain cabin was made from recycled windows.

It was Leonardo da Vinci who said Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And he was right. It’s the simplest things that can bring us the most beautiful visions.

For example, when we downshift into a lower gear of stress and expectations, we can see more of the beauty in things that surround us everyday. The simple life isn’t just an idea, it’s something that transforms your entire outlook once applied.

Sustainable fashion, veggie gardens, homemade everything- it’s the only future we have if we intend on having a future at all.

Back in 2012, Lilah Horwitz and her boyfriend Nick Olson, decided to build a home in the mountainous forests of West Virginia. Although it was quite a challenge for the couple, they managed to build one of the most intriguing homes you will ever see. And they did it in a uniquely sustainable way.

It only took them the course of a couple months to build the cabin. Before that, they were living in a tent, and canned food was the main part of their menu. At the time, Horwitz was a designer and Olson was a photographer and carpenter.

The dream of building their own special space soon took over their lives, and they quit their prosperous jobs.

“We thought: Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a house where the whole wall was windows? Then you would never have to be trying to fit the sunset into one little space.” Lilah said.

To finish their project, they took some wood from the abandoned barn nearby, and their cabin was complete within a few months. The couple only needed $500 to complete it, the rest was recycled materials.

“We were able to make it a reality because we are first artists and creators. We had to be resourceful to do it cheaply,” Olson said.

They don’t have any electricity or plumbing though. However, that doesn’t change the fact that they managed to create their own incredible and sustainable getaway on their own. And a wood burning stove works just as well.

Nick works for a landscape company in Milwaukee, and makes unique items. He travels a lot. Lilah uses her current home to design beautiful clothes.

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