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This Is What Julius Caesar And 19 Other Historical Figures Would Look Like If Alive Today

This Is What Julius Caesar And 19 Other Historical Figures Would Look Like If Alive Today

A graphic designer has used photo manipulation and digital painting techniques to create some amazing modern depictions of what famous historical figures would like like if they were alive today.

29-year -old Becca Saladin from Dallas, Texas, began working on the design project back in February 2019 and it has quickly grown in popularity.

She shares her work on the Instagram channel @royalty_now_, and her posts are quickly inundated with likes. Her channel now has over 31,000 followers who keep up-to-date with the fascinating interpretations.

In an interview with FEMAIL, Becca explained:

“My purpose really is to keep people’s passion for history alive and show them that humans from the past faced the same struggles and triumphs we do today.”

Her process involves starting with a realistic of portrait of the historical figure and then finding a stock image of a similar looking modern-day person. From here she applies a range of digital manipulation techniques to achieve the end result.

She said: “It’s easy when I have a realistic portrait to work from, such as Henry VIII or others that clearly show the original hair and eye colour. Contemporary descriptions also help.

“The challenge is in the portrait busts that I create – specifically Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, for example.”

Take a look at some of our favorites below.

#1 Julius Caesar

#2 Abraham Lincoln

#3 Agrippina The Younger

#4 Alexander the Great

#5 Anne Boleyn

#6 Emperor Augustus

#7 Catherine Parr

#8 Christina Of Denmark

#9 Empress Elisabeth Of Austria

#10 The Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov

#11 Queen Elizabeth I

#12 Queen Isabella Of Castile

#13 Jane Austen

#14 Katherine Of Aragon

#15 Louis XIV, The Sun King

#16 Louis XV

#17 Mona Lisa

#18 Marie Antionette

#19 Mary, Queen Of Scots

#20 Nefertiti

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