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This Special Needs Bike Made A Huge Difference To This Woman’s Life

This Special Needs Bike Made A Huge Difference To This Woman’s Life

Having met as children, Bill and Glad ended up falling in love at 16 years of age, and have remained together ever since.

Their relationship blossomed as Bill would often cycle to meet her every weekend where they would both hop on their bikes to travel around town together.

Marriage was – of course – inevitable, and for years after they continued to enjoy favorite activity together. Nothing could stop their adventures – not even the birth of their children who even came along for the ride by sitting on a chair attached to the front of their bikes.

Their routine adventures were the bedrock to their long-lasting relationship. But in 2004, their heart touching love story took a sad twist and a new chapter began -Glad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

As the disease progressed, Glad’s mobility declined. It became more difficult to participate in every day life, and Bill inevitably took the role of a caregiver.

Though, their determination to fight through hard times and to continue living life to the fullest meant they didn’t want to give up their bike excursions just yet…

Bill had a cunning idea and began designing a unique tricycle by fixing a chair to the front so Glad could sit on. So no matter how challenging life had become for both of them, they found a way to maintain their favorite pastime, which benefits Glad in more ways than one.

With such a remarkable invention, locals were bound to turn their heads at the sight of Bill cycling with Glad around town. A video was even posted on YouTube, receiving over 2.5million views:

They also received further attention as their story was covered in an episode of 60 Minutes. With so much support and adoration being given, the couple even set up their own Facebook page to show their appreciation.

The bike now provides Glad the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and take in the sunshine, all of which helps to reduce stress, improve mood and self-esteem.

The sunshine is particularly beneficial for those with Alzheimers as vitamin D is naturally obtainable with sun exposure. One study conducted in the Netherlands has shown that daylight itself is can bring about positive effects for those with Alzheimers by potentially slowing down the progression.

People with deteriorating conditions such as Alzheimers, or Dementia, become increasingly restricted in their movements and participating in every day life gets more difficult as time goes by. Getting outdoor exposure can be virtually impossible for some as they either don’t have someone there who can take them outside.

Therefore, a cascade of further health ailments such depression and a general lack self-worth and self-confidence  can ensue which means it’s so important to be of service to those less fortunate than us.

Glad is incredibly lucky to have met a man like Bill, who stuck by her side when she needed him the most.

And rather than staring into he abyss, Bill stepped up and sought solutions to improve life for both of them.

It just shows the power that love can have in overcoming any tragedy in life.


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