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This Woman Bought A Vintage Bus And Turned It Into Her Dream Home

This Woman Bought A Vintage Bus And Turned It Into Her Dream Home

If you love the idea of living a more minimal lifestyle and appreciate creative living spaces then you might just fall in love with how this woman transformed a vintage bus.

Jessie Lipskin from Asbury Park, New Jersey wanted to create a home she could truly call her own and had no interest in it being any bigger than necessary. She simply wanted her home to be big enough to fit in only her most valuable belongings and for it to meed her most basic of needs.

“I’ve always been very organized and love the idea of holding onto only what you really need,” she said in a piece for Apartment Therapy. “For me, that mainly includes things that hold sentimental value, particularly items that were handed down to me from my family.”

Source: Jessie Lipskin

She gave a lot of consideration to many options before settling on an old Greyhound bus to call her home, and it was fairly easy to find the right one given how many were available to buy off of Ebay.

Once she had purchased her bus, she insured it and registered it as an RV before beginning the inspiring transformation.

Source: Jessie Lipskin

The 1966 GMC Commuter Greyhound cost her $7,000 and she spent a further $132,000 on renovations, getting creative with it and letting her imagination guide the process until it was a home that truly represented her taste.

“When I walk in, it feels huge. It feels even bigger than my New York City apartment,” she said.

Source: Jessie Lipskin

Jessie prefers to do things on her own so she did most of the work herself, however she had no experience in plumbing or electrical works so she got a bit of help on this front to turn it into a cozy and fully functional home.

“The big challenge was that it was very different from working on a home that’s fixed in one location. I constantly had to account for movement, on top of that the angles of the bus and slanted style windows made it challenging to design the best possible layout and curved woodworking. Levels were useless as the bus incline changes depending on location, it was all about calculating angles. This added a lot of time onto the project.”

Source: Jessie Lipskin

One of the first steps was to get rid of the seats and she found a local restaurant willing to purchase them. Now with the seats removed the empty space inside the bus could be sectioned off into rooms.

She gave the outside of the bus a good touch up as well to match the beauty of how to inside was going to look.

Source: Jessie Lipskin

No dream home is complete without a dream kitchen so she made sure the was spacious enough to enjoy cooking in. The stove and sink are a normal size and she installed plenty of cabinets for storage space.

“Went with the IGLOO (33 in. W 5.5 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator in Silver, Counter Depth from Home Depot. It’s a fridge/freezer,” she said.

Source: Jessie Lipskin

Her bedroom is tiny but gorgeous and is big enough for her needs, with hidden storage and a bookshelf to make best of the limited space.

The bathroom has mahogany wood slotted flooring that drains for drying off post-shower. The shower drain connects to the floor drain and they both lead to the gray water tank which is mounted under the bus,” she says.

Source: Jessie Lipskin

Jessie only got her driving license shortly before purchasing the bus, and admits it can be difficult to drive such a large and heavy vehicle.

I can’t drive it myself! I grew up in New York City and I finally learned how to drive in my mid-twenties. Unfortunately, I have yet to learn how to drive a stick shift!” she said. “I have made lots of friends with the ability to drive a manual 40-foot bus without power steering!”

And it’s these difficulties driving it that have led her to deciding to sell her dream home.

Source: Jessie Lipskin

Maybe your the adventurous type with similar taste to Jessie and could handle the challenges that come with the home? If so, it’s going for $149,000 according to ABC News.

The video below shows you the home in more detail.

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