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Thousands of Hungry Monkeys Clash In Thai City Due To Lack Of Food

Thousands of Hungry Monkeys Clash In Thai City Due To Lack Of Food

Thousands of monkeys from three different tribes engaged in a frantic battle over food in the middle of the Thai city of Lopburi.

Video footage emerged showing the hordes of hungry monkeys fighting each other in the middle of a busy junction in the city center.

According to Thai newspaper Thairath, the three monkey tribes normally keep to their own territories. One tribe inhabits a historic temple, another holds the territory of a nearby shrine, and the third tribe typically roam around the food market area.

Normally the primates are well fed, mainly by tourists, but the number of visitors has to the city has plummeted recently as Thailand experiences a drop in tourism.

With food so scarce, things began to get tense, so when one monkey got his hands on a banana he was soon surrounded by the entire pack who tried to grab it from him.When one monkey fled with the banana it was chased by a pack of them up a grass bank.

Locals were surprised at the ferocity of the creatures, who are normally well behaved and have become the city’s main tourist attraction.

The monkeys are known for roaming the streets and snatching food from restaurants and unsuspecting tourists. Small scraps between the monkeys happen from time to time, but a brawl of this size is rare.

65-year old motorcycle taxi driver Beaw Aum-in, who has spent his whole life surrounded by the monkeys, said it’s the first time he had ever seen such an epic battle between them.

Watch the madness unfold in the video below.

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