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Woman Admits She Cried When She Saw Her ‘Hideous’ Engagement Ring

Woman Admits She Cried When She Saw Her ‘Hideous’ Engagement Ring

Most of the time, when we think of engagements and proposals, they are joyous occasions, where the only tears are those of happiness. 

That’s not exactly what happened in the story below, when one bride-to-be discovered her beau was proposing with what some are calling, “an absolute monstrosity.”

Engagement rings are traditionally supposed to be a symbol of your commitment to your spouse. As far as valuables go, they’re definitely some of the most sentimental.

However, we do live in a pretty materialistic world. And so despite the fact that they are, in theory, only supposed to be symbolic of your love to your spouse – in reality, they are designed to impress, be lavish and aesthetically pleasing.

And that’s why a certain bride-to-be has confessed to being brought to tears when her fiancé proposed with the “ugliest engagement ring.”

Posting about the ‘ordeal’ in a Facebook group called That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming, Anna Rosy from Italy said she “cried a lot” when she received it.

Anna also shared a picture of the offending ring which features a silver mask and lips engraved onto a gold band.

But rather than comfort the distraught bride-to-be, other members of the group agreed that it was by no means a pretty ring. In fact, many of them totally and utterly slated it, with some even comparing it to the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Then again, that is what you’re supposed to do in a ring shaming group. At least she knew where it belonged.

One person said it was the “worst ring they’d seen in a long time”.

“Is this some sort of optical illusion? I tried turning the phone a few different angles, but it’s still hideous,” wrote a different user, while a third commented: “I would cry too, this is awful.”

“I think this is the worst I’ve seen so far in this group.” a fourth agreed. “You didn’t say no? That is a ring to say no to,”

One Facebook user said: “I’d cry if someone tried to give me that! Hideous!”

“Oh this is that new Marvel line of jewelry. This is the Iron Man band,” another user quipped while someone else added: “Reminds me of a prize for winning a wrestling competition.”

We tried doing a reverse image search to see if we could find anything remotely similar. It turns out this is a pretty unique ring, but there are some other mask rings that are equally hideous in the world.

Maybe it was meant to be an ode to Venetian masquerades? I’m not sure.

One thing is for certain…this is a unique piece of jewelry.

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